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Open Course: 2024 calendar for a range of virtual training workshops

Open Course

We selected 3 of our most popular training workshops for our 2024 Open Course Calendar. Effective intercultural communication Aligning practices for working in multicultural teams Leading with a global mindset Cultural Competence Development Each of the above courses addresses a specific level of cultural competence to work more effectively across cultures: starting with creating cultural […]

Cultural Competence Program: Culturally Diverse Business Unit

Cultural Competence Program –  Enhancing the Performance of a Multicultural Business Unit with staff from over 16 countries  (2023) Information Technology Industry Understanding the Challenge The Client’s Business Unit employ approximately 60 people – including leadership team, technical professionals, and support staff from over 16 countries to bring together technical expertise, experience for a information […]

Country Briefing: Americans and Australians


Country Briefing to prepare an American Expatriate for a Leadership Role in Australia (2023) Technology Industry Challenge Management of an Australian subsidairy with a Global Organisation and Head Office in the USA, requested a replacement American manager. The new appointed American manager is apprehensive: she does not know why the manager she replaces needed to […]

Virtual Training: Effective Multicultural Teams

Live Virtual Training – Effective Intercultural Interactions in Multicultural Teams  (2020 – 2023) Manufacturing and Infrastructure Industry Challenge The Client is a fast-growing technology organisation in the Infrastructure Industry with locations across Australia and two central hubs in Brisbane and Perth. The workforce is growing at a high rate with professionals coming from a myriad […]

Webinar: Cultural Competence Development

Webinars for Cultural Competence Development (2020 – ongoing) Range of companies & industries Challenges Companies who organise professional development days, embark on training projects, or introduce new policies use webinars to distribute messages into the organisation. Our webinars are tailored to suit the different communication goals of our clients: you might want to identify intercultural […]

Train-the-Trainer: Intercultural Connectivity Program

Virtual Training Events

Train-the-Trainer Workshop for inhouse trainers of a Global Finance Corporation.  (2020 – ongoing) Finance Industry Challenge Ongoing globalisation within a financial organisation means that Subject Matter Experts (SME) are based in Australia, India and China. A new operating model has been implemented to enhance customer focus. The culturally diverse professionals (SME’s and managers) need to […]

F-2-F Training: University Staff, Academics and Leaders to develop Intercultural Capabilities

Face-to-Face Training Project – Developing Intercultural Capabilities and Inclusive Culture within the University (2018/2019) Challenge Due to the ongoing internationalisation of the Educational Industry, organisations such as universities increasingly interact with culturally diverse people – both locally and from overseas – such as leaders, academic staff, professional staff, and local and international students. This cultural […]

Executive Coaching: Leading a Culturally Diverse Subsidiary

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Leading a Multicultural Local Subsidiary in the Mining Industry (2015 – ongoing) Challenge A local subsidiary of an International Corporation is managed by an Overseas Executive in Australia. The executive is strongly challenged by managers and professionals in his team who are from both Anglo-Australian and culturally diverse backgrounds: there is daily conflict and tension […]

Realignment Workshop: Management Practices for Culturally Diverse IT Professionals

Management Practices Multicultural Teams

Training Workshop to realign Management Practices for Leading Culturally Diverse IT Professionals (2016 – ongoing) Applied to a diverse range of Industries Challenge: Managers of an Australian IT company leading culturally diverse professionals in multicultural teams in the four major cities in Australia. Recurring challenges are different ideas and expectations around management style and accountability, […]

Cultural Awareness Presentations: Overseas deployments


Cultural Awareness Training to prepare for overseas deployments (2010 – ongoing) Challenge We design and facilitate Intercultural Training focused at Cultural Awareness for a variety of departments within ADF (ARMY, NAVY, RAAF) and units such as 39OSP, 92 WG, Intelligence Unit, Australian Defence College, Defence Materials Organisation, HQ2 Division, Headquarters 1st Brigade, SOHQ to name […]