Culture Resource Centre

How Can We Help You and Your Organisation?

Explore the Intercultural Learning and Development Services that we have on offer.


Training Programs

Training programs and modules for your staff are tailored to your specific needs and facilitated either virtual of face-to-face.


Virtual Open Courses

Our cultural awareness, cultural understanding and cultural competence open courses calendar for individuals and small groups.

Business Meeting

Business Coaching

Help grow people to accelerate cultural competence development and achieve goals in a multicultural or international environment.

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Tools & Assessments

We use a range of tools and assessments to assist in enhancing the cultural competence of your teams and professionals.

Public Speaking

Webinars & Speakers

Public speakers for your corporate events, staff development, forums, or conferences: virtual via webinars or face-to-face audiences.



We assist with research, current intercultural trends, facilitate focus groups, developing processes etc. for your multicultural business requirements.

Our Professional Approach

Culture Resource Centre’s trainers and coaches have academic and business degrees on the one hand, and extensive (corporate) experience in the area of cross-cultural management, organisational behaviour, leadership and professional development on the other.

Our strength lies in combining solid academic research models of well-known academics in the field of cross-cultural management and leadership, and our adaptation into practical management tools to enhance immediate applicability.

It is this mix that gives us the insight and expertise to help people and organisations with the intercultural competence development, transforming mindsets, and adjusting behaviour for working more effectively in multicultural and/or international business settings.

Talk to us to discuss your requirements: we help you find the right intervention and tailor it to support your required business outcome.