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Webinar: Cultural Competence Development

Webinars for Cultural Competence Development
(2020 – ongoing) Range of companies & industries


Companies who organise professional development days, embark on training projects, or introduce new policies use webinars to distribute messages into the organisation. Our webinars are tailored to suit the different communication goals of our clients: you might want to identify intercultural trends in work places, introduce different ways of working across cultures, align cultural differences in virtual teams (or partnerships), or market intercultural competence development sessions. We share the latest research, models, benchmarks and insights with our audiences to make sure that the messages have an impact.

Our approx. one-hour webinars (plus Q&A) are facilitated via our clients’ preferred platform, and we incorporate interactive techniques such as polling, self-assessments, raising hands, Q&A etc. to increase engagement levels of the audience.

Webinar topics that we talk about:

  • Multicultural virtual meetings – overcoming frustrations
  • What is CQ and how does it benefit your staff skills set?
  • Appreciating cultural diversity in the workplace
  • Develop your personal intercultural competencies in a practical way
  • When ‘Yes’ is not a ‘Yes’ – communication styles misunderstandings
  • Awareness about multiple perspective taking to overcome bias
  • Leading people across cultures – does one style suit all?
  • Exploring diverse practices for cultural synergy across cultures
  • Aligning national, organisational and team cultures
  • Benchmark cultural practices of your global customers