Culture Resource Centre

Our Unique Set of Business Tools and Assessments

We use a range of unique features, methods and approaches to assist our clients with their specific needs and requirements to develop intercultural competence to enhance effective intercultural interactions.

Our strength lies in combining solid academic research models of well-known academics in the field of cross-cultural management and leadership, and our adaptation into practical management tools to enhance immediate applicability.


Our tools assist our clients with their specific needs and requirements to enhance effective intercultural interactions both locally and globally.

Cultural Intelligence Pyramid©

To identify and position the complexity and frequency of the cultural interactions in the internal and external environment we apply the Cultural Intelligence  Pyramid (CQ). The CQ pyramid helps to explore and define the required cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural understanding and the cultural competence.

Framework for Developing Intercultural Competence©

Our unique Map, Bridge and Integrate Model achieves better intercultural learning and development results. We analyse the level, intensity and frequency of the required cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural understanding and intercultural competence. The analysis guides us in developing clients specific program for their people, the teams and the organisation.

Country Specific Know-how

Our preferred web-based knowledge reference tool RW3CultureWizard offers support to trained management, professionals and expatriates, helping to maintain their knowledge, to practice ongoing learning outside the ‘class’ setting, in-depth country information, and create a shared environment for information exchange. We partner with RW3CultureWizard – a US based global company.

Culture@Work – blog
We share our cultural columns© and cultural cartoons® dealing with cultural challenges and issues that we have come across in our practice. We also keep you up-to-date with our Leadership-Across-Cultures White Papers, our Industry Briefings, our Open Course schedule, and relevant articles sourced from local and global media.


We use a wide range of acknowledged assessments, grounded in research and tested in practice to assist our clients with their specific needs and requirements to enhance their effective intercultural interactions both locally and globally.

Information Sourcing Suite©

Our Training Analysis Suite for Needs, Feedback and Progress Analysis©. We offer a range of our unique online surveys to identify the specific training needs, monitor the feedback of the learning solution, and track the impact of learning & development outcomes.

The Cultural Map©

The Cultural Map assessment tool assist in understanding common intercultural business challenges for the individual, multicultural teams, and global organisations. It allows for comparisons and analysis between possible clashes at different cultural levels: national culture, organisational culture and the individual. Furthermore it assist in enhancing the ability to apply strategies and to improve effectiveness by exploring practices to reconcile problems and dilemmas between different levels, or to avoid them altogether.

Cultural Tool kit©

Our Cultural Values and Orientations Tool kit© contains assessments, exercises, action planning and activities to measure, explore and enhance cultural awareness and understanding. The tool kit incorporates tools that focus on e.g. cultural values, cultural orientations, and communication styles.

Intercultural Competence Suite

Our range of validated assessments to measure intercultural competence, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and cultural behavioural traits. We use people’s individual profiles for coaching and training purposes, and we use team profiles to support team coaching and training. Depending on the specific requirements we use the following competence assessments: Intercultural Readiness Check©, CQ Multi-Rater©, and Multicultural Traits©.

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