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Open Course: 2024 calendar for a range of virtual training workshops

Open Course

We selected 3 of our most popular training workshops for our 2024 Open Course Calendar.

  1. Effective intercultural communication
  2. Aligning practices for working in multicultural teams
  3. Leading with a global mindset

Cultural Competence Development

  • Each of the above courses addresses a specific level of cultural competence to work more effectively across cultures: starting with creating cultural awareness, building on cultural understanding, practising intercultural skills, designing intercultural strategies and developing intercultural competencies.
  • The Mapping-Bridging-Integrating approach helps structuring our workshops: where understanding (from mapping) and communicating (from bridging) get converted into productive results (from integrating).
  • We use a range of self-assessments to increase self-awareness e.g., preferred cultural action type and the impact on communication, preferred  style of working and the impact on practices, or your Intercultural Readiness for Intercultural Interactions through intercultural competencies development.

Select your required level, pick your course and register your interest via our online booking forms.

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