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Outcome: Transform Cultural Diversity into Opportunity 

Building cultural capability and develop intercultural competence to enhance inclusive intercultural work practices, crack cultural ceilings, and create the right mindset to achieve success while operating in a culturally diverse work place.

A Proven Approach for Building Competence

  • Our ‘Building Cultural Capability and Competence’ program aims at enhancing the Cultural Intelligence of professionals, leaders and teams.
  • We strongly believe in an Intercultural Learning and Development approach that seeks to integrate the Heart, Head and Body components of Cultural Intelligence (CQ); or the drive and motivation to engage others, the ability to develop patterns from cultural cues based on the knowledge and strategy, and the capability to act and behave in accordance with knowledge, strategy and drive.
  • We incorporate all components to offer the right balance in using various learning methods and techniques in our programs. Our cultural value models are used as management tools that help us better explain the unpredictable and complex reality of dealings across cultures.

Fact Finding

  • Before designing our training program for your organisation, we engage in fact finding to address the specific level of CQ that needs to be achieved.
  • We use our online Training Needs Analysis©, focus groups and/or interviews with management to get an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and issues.

Intercultural Competence Self-assessment©

  • Underpinning the CQ module is an in-depth understanding about our own level of intercultural competence.
  • The online self-assessment – Intercultural Readiness Check© is part of the pre-work. The assessment generates a personal profile that will assist individuals during the training workshop in developing action plans to guide ongoing personal enhancement.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Break down cultural barriers and ceilings by finding and emphasising areas of similarity, whilst appreciating cultural sensitivity and relevant cultural differences;
  • Understanding how cultural value orientations impact one’s behaviour;
  • Developing a ‘global’ mindset and function more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds: being able to interact, manage and lead effectively, both within the organisation as with (international) clients and partners;
  • Developing strategies for dealing with cultural challenges;
  • Action Planning for intercultural competence for sensitivity, commitment, communication and managing uncertain situations.

Key Topics covered:

  • Enhancing Intercultural Sensitivity
  • Effective Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Building Commitment across Cultures
  • Managing the Uncertainty of Intercultural Interactions

Other in-house topics and modules that deliver outcomes:

  • Cultural Capability and Competencies
  • Applying Intercultural Communication
  • Dispersed Team and  Shared Goals
  • Business Across Cultures
  • Leadership Across Cultures
  • Outsourcing and Off-Shoring

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