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We assist people who would like to enhance their international prospects and career by developing intercultural competencies, broadening the global mindset and accelerating the level of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Ultimately this will enhance performance, achieve goals and maximise impact in culturally diverse and/or international business settings.

Do you – or one of your staff – need to navigate cultural differences, motivating, inspiring and leading people in complex, culturally diverse situations? Talk to us to discuss how we can help you!

We work with CEO’s, MD’s, executive teams,  senior managers, professionals, expatriates, secondees, and repatriates from small & medium businesses, corporations, MNC’s, (non-profit) organisations and government.

Coaching Interventions

Over the past 24 years we have assisted professionals and teams to grow areas such as:

  •  2.5-hour Intercultural Readiness Development
    – assessing intercultural readiness, and action planning to close gaps.
  • Expatriate and transitioning preparation:
    – preparing for overseas assignments (incl. country briefings).BLANK
  • Culturally diverse project team development:
    – participating in culturally diverse international project teams.BLANK
  • Multicultural management development:
    – managing staff in culturally diverse organisations.BLANK
  • Global leadership development:
    – motivating, inspiring and leading in a global context;
    – leading internationally dispersed (virtual) team members.BLANK
  • Organisation development:
    – re-aligning organisational and national cultures.
Our Approach

We believe that effective coaching requires a solid grounding in the principles of solution focused behavioural change and the supervised application of these principles in systematic coaching practice, both in the training situation and in the workplace.

Our coaches are certified in Executive Coaching by the Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology, ICCP (through University of Sydney). They also have academic and business degrees and extensive (corporate) experience in the area of cross-cultural management, organisational behaviour, leadership and professional development. It is this mix that gives us the insight and expertise to help people develop intercultural competencies, transform mindsets, and adjust behaviour for working more effectively in a multicultural organisation and/or international business settings: our impact as cross-cultural coaches lies in helping people decipher where their biggest cultural gaps are and how they can bridge and close them.

Depending on required outcomes, we propose a variety of development tools (self-assessments, profilers, reflection activities, action planning, etc.) such as:

  • Coaching Needs Analysis
  • Goals Setting Strategies
  • Intercultural Readiness Check (Personal & Industry Profile)
  • Cultural Value Orientations Assessment (Personal & Country Profile)
  • Management Practices Profile (Personal & Country Benchmark)
  • Communication Practices Profile (Personal & Country Benchmark)
  • Cultural Action Types (Personal & Country Profile)
  • Leadership Assessment and Styles
  • Personality Traits assessment
  • Detection and Adaptiation Strategies
  • Action Planning for closing the gaps.
Structure and Format
  • In close consultation with participants we discuss the aim, goals and expected outcomes of the coaching intervention.
  • We agree on the best suitable format to overcome possible time, travel or restriction challenges and offer e.g. face-to-face, virtual, phone or a mix of them.
  • Coaches propose and participants decide on the intensity and frequency (length & number of coaching sessions), and length of development process (sessions & follow-up).
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