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Creating cultural awareness, building on cultural understanding, and enhancing intercultural competences take central stage in our training services: an essential approach to develop the appropriate attitudes, know how and skills to develop the intercultural competence to be able to manage the impact of cultural differences in the work environment. We assist in exploring strategies, finding solutions and innovative ways to reconcile and solve dilemmas in the culturally diverse environment. 

Scroll down to see some of our popular courses, specific training topics and tailored modules to enhance culturally capable, competent and inclusive workplaces. Contact us to discuss how we can support you in selecting the required learning and development outcomes, and if you require Virtual Training Rooms at 1300 017 418 or

Beyond Awareness into Intercultural Competence

Transform Diversity Into Opportunity
Culturally diverse professionals working together effectively, taking into account communication, interactions and collaborations.

Applying Intercultural Communication

The Impact of the Message
The required skills to ensure that you not only relay your message effectively but that it carries the impact you desire across cultures.

Co-located & Dispersed Teams, Goals & Objectives

Productive and Inclusive Team Work
Multicultural teams working towards a shared goal while dealing with cultural, communication, geographical, or technical differences.

Business Across Cultures

Hit the Ground Running
Expatriates successfully handling cultural differences and the impact on the local business culture while they build partnerships to close the deal.

Global Leadership

Leading your People towards Success
Managing and motivating cultural diverse staff, multicultural teams and remote offices to achieve the required business outcomes, and thus the bottom line.

Outsourcing and Off-Shoring

Successful Alignment of Stakeholders
Achieving objectives through developing alignments between stakeholders and managing the impact of cultural challenges on business dealings.

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We facilitate supporting topics or modules such as:

  • International Business Development
  • Culture Due Diligence
  • IJV’s & Negotiated Business Practices
  • International Negotiations
  • Global Talent Management
  • Multicultural Customer Service
  • Teaching Culturally Diverse Classrooms
  • (on-line) country and city specific briefings for global business people and international travelers.

Please contact us to discuss your special requirements and we will support you in designing, tailoring and facilitating your required topic or module.