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Intercultural Readiness
How ready are you for the intercultural aspects of your work?
  • Are you ready to communicate virtually with culturally diverse professionals?
  • Are you ready to lead your multicultural team?
  • Are you ready to virtually manage a remote global project team?
  • Are you ready to negotiate deals with global partners?
  • Are you ready to set up a new International Joint Venture?
  • Are you ready to live and work in a different country?

The Intercultural Readiness Assessment

Intercultural Readiness to be successful at your job
Short, sweet and targeted development approach
for professionals and leaders with limited time,
but with great aspirations.

Book your 2.5-hour one-on-one session
includes the Intercultural Readiness Check©

We know

… that professionals don’t have time for training that doesn’t directly link to their required needs:
When you tell us about your job role and work environment, we can guide you in selecting the required intercultural skills and competencies that are invaluable to your role and success.

… that professionals are not always aware of gaps in their personal traits, intercultural skills and competence:
The Intercultural Readiness Check© (IRC) is a development tool to assess intercultural competencies, and provides an IRC© Personal Profile that positions your current readiness for intercultural interactions.

We realise

… that you need those skills and competencies NOW, and not when your organisation is ready…
Give us your preferred day and time for a 2.5-hour Intercultural Readiness session, and based on your IRC© Personal Profile we discuss your current readiness, reflect on your possible pitfalls, and work on your required skills and competencies to close the gaps (allow us a few days to get organised!).

Intercultural Readiness Profile
Intercultural Readiness Profile
How does it work?

The stages of change

(1) Practicalities

  1. We call you to discuss your job and work environment (it does not matter where you are located in the world…).
  2. You set a date and a time for our meeting.
  3. We email the invoice for $550 (incl. Intercultural Readiness Check© and 2.5-hour session, excl. GST).
  4. We send instructions for you to complete the validated online Intercultural Readiness Check©.
  5. We analyse your current readiness for intercultural interactions and prepare a personalised Intercultural Readiness session.
  6. We send you joining instructions for our video meeting.

(2) The stages of change

  1. During our 2.5-hour session we position our Cultural Competence Model and introduce the IRC©.
  2. You reflect on your expected readiness for intercultural interactions (self-reflection).
  3. You receive the IRC© Personal Profile and reflect on your current readiness for intercultural interactions (self-reflection).
  4. We focus on your job role and your expectations to enhance your intercultural competencies (goals setting).
  5. We explore how your competencies and its abilities impact the intercultural interactions at work (reality check).
  6. We discuss specific (concrete and achievable) options and lay out a plan to implement the agreed options (options to make a difference).

If so required we schedule follow-up sessions to monitoring the action plan and re-frame challenges into agreed actions for solutions.

Personalised Intercultural Readiness:

Your IRC Personal Profile, specific job requirements and work environment will guide us in selecting the tools, models and assessments to further help enhance your intercultural readiness.

Some people might require e.g. more effective intercultural communication towards culturally diverse staff, clients or partners; or develop the ability to realign management practices for a multicultural team; or enhance evaluation process and feedback towards culturally diverse staff; or designing adaptive strategies for your International Joint Venture, etc.

Your Intercultural Consultant

Joost Thissen is the Founding Partner of the Culture Resource Centre p/l. (1999 – ongoing).

With over 24 years of experience in intercultural training and business coaching in the area of cross-cultural management, Joost brings a wealth of information, experience and expertise to assist you with getting intercultural ready for the job at hand.

Joost is accredited to use the Intercultural Readiness Check© and has worked with this invaluable tools since 2005. She uses the tool in her practice for executive coaching and professional development to prepare professionals for the job at hand. She also uses the tool for large numbers of people in training projects for federal government, university/business schools and corporate clients to enhance professional, team and organisational development.

Not sure yet?

Please call Joost at ph. 1300 017 418 or email to discuss how she can help you (or someone in your team)!

Joost Thissen, Intercultural Consultant
Joost Thissen, Intercultural Consultant