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COLUMN: Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

About the Skills of Translation in Business Translating documents and materials across cultures can cause quite a few headaches. During the facilitation of a training session, a lawyer came to us and shared the following translation experience. After he had put a lot of time into preparing a contract with a future Chinese joint-venture partner, […]

COLUMN: S t r e t c h a b l e Time

Stretchable Time

About the Concept of Time across Cultures During business dealings with people from other cultures, we may encounter that different cultures have different approaches to the concept of time. An interesting example comes from an Indian call-centre: an Indian employee was somewhat confused by a complaint from an Australian client, saying: “It’s very difficult to […]

COLUMN: Losing Face and Losing the Deal

Losing Face

A Dutch Project Director, working for an American company and based in Singapore, was more than ready for the upcoming team meeting. Her American colleague, a more senior Project Director had managed to avoid her over the past few days. The American had recently chosen to ignore serious ethical business protocols in order to win […]

COLUMN: Battling with Cultural Awareness

Battling Cultural Awareness

During focus group sessions we were investigating the concept of “cultural awareness”. We asked participants what being culturally aware meant to them and how culturally aware they thought they were. Although most participants acknowledged that being cultural aware was very important in a multicultural society or working in an international environment, some of their interpretations […]