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Will Culture eat Britain’s Brexit strategy for breakfast in 2020?

IN THE NEWS In this interesting and enlightening article Diego Gilardoni shows that the relationship between the UK and the EU was always meant to be turbulent. The fact that -for decades- the Brits have been a torn in the side of the European project, reflects a distinct set of cultural values that is at odds with that of the big European powers such as Germany and France. According to Gilardoni, if Peter Drucker was right about ‘culture eating strategy for breakfast’, culture’s appetite is even stronger when it comes to politics. He uses (among other models) the famous “6D Model” developed by the Dutch scholar Geert Hofstede to analyse Brexit through this cultural prism. Gilardoni argues that Cultural Intelligence need to become the core of any grand strategy aiming a making Britain a small yet global player.

Article by Diego Gilardoni, 10 February, 2020 Speakers Associates

Joost Thissen, Partner & Interculturalist
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