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COLUMN: People Leaders Who Drive Outcomes Across Cultures

In my ongoing quest to support People Leaders to become more effective when interacting with and managing professionals from different cultural backgrounds I recently came across a number of interesting findings. Trapp  in his Forbes article ‘Why Successful Leaders acknowledge Cultural Differences’ for instance refers to Meyer who says that “in the age of globalization, acknowledging – […]

COLUMN: How to Increase the Value of Cultural Training

Cultural Training

According to a McKinsey Quarterly survey report1 about the value of training, of the organisations which participated in the survey and were spending resources to develop highly capable employees, 90% said that ‘building capabilities’ was a top-ten priority for their organisations. Only 25% of survey respondents said that their programs were effective at improving performance […]

COLUMN: Lacking the Motivation to Learn about Cultural Differences

I Did It My Way Last year we encountered two interesting cases within multinational organisations where both managers’ lack of motivation to learn about cultural different behaviour negatively impacted the effectiveness of their multicultural teams. First Case – Cultural Different Behaviour Explored In the first case we facilitated training for a group of managers responsible […]