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COLUMN: People Leaders Who Drive Outcomes Across Cultures

In my ongoing quest to support People Leaders to become more effective when interacting with and managing professionals from different cultural backgrounds I recently came across a number of interesting findings. Trapp  in his Forbes article ‘Why Successful Leaders acknowledge Cultural Differences’ for instance refers to Meyer who says that “in the age of globalization, acknowledging – […]

COLUMN: Knowledge Transfer Across Cultures

Knowledge Transfer

Whether you are instructing professionals in multicultural classrooms, training multicultural teams, or lecturing culturally diverse or international students, these three activities share at least one major challenge: differing instructing styles and learning styles due to culturally diverse backgrounds of the trainer, instructor or lecturer on the one hand, and the professional, team member and student […]

COLUMN: Lacking the Motivation to Learn about Cultural Differences

I Did It My Way Last year we encountered two interesting cases within multinational organisations where both managers’ lack of motivation to learn about cultural different behaviour negatively impacted the effectiveness of their multicultural teams. First Case – Cultural Different Behaviour Explored In the first case we facilitated training for a group of managers responsible […]

COLUMN: Trust Is Key To Success

Trust is Key To Success

Research (1) indicates that high levels of trust in business correlates with innovation, competitive advantage, support for change and increased productivity. It is therefore wise for international and multicultural organisations to invest in building and maintaining high levels of trust. However, while research may prove that trust is key to success, why do we so often […]

Cultural Competence Versus Cultural Knowledge

Cultural Competence

Recently Asialink launched its Asia Business App. It is a great resource to look up country specific information about a number of countries across Asia (at this stage 4). We applaud initiatives from the Australian government to support the business community with country specific information to assist in doing business in Asia. However, cultural knowledge should not be […]