Culture Resource Centre

Powerful Insights From Our Practice

We like to share some of our recent findings, as obtained through data collection via our need analysis and our feedback analysis.

We analyse challenges expressed by professionals while dealing with peers, leaders, partners, and clients from different cultural backgrounds across a range of topics. This information is used to tailor training programs to specific learning needs and development requirements.


Remote and Diverse Team
Effectiveness Working in Remote Diverse Teams

Task Completion 75%
Relationship Building 65%
Conflcit handling 58%

Remote and Diverse Teams
Business Communication in Remote Diverse Teams

Challenge: Obtaining Information 82%
Challenge: Communication Styles 76%
Challenge: Responsiveness 70%

Source: Managers and Professionals from Finance, Resources, Logistics and IT.  

Teaching Culturally Diverse Classroom
Managing Culturally Diverse and International Students

Challenge: Assignments 85%
Challenge: Feedback 70%
Challenge: Accountability 66%

Teaching Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Communicating with Culturally Diverse and International Students 

Challenge: Communication Styles 86%
Challenge: Classroom Participation 80%
Challenge: Language and Accents 66%

Source: Teachers and Lecturers from Education Industry (Universities, Colleges)