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Realignment Workshop: Management Practices for Culturally Diverse IT Professionals

Management Practices Multicultural Teams

Training Workshop to realign Management Practices for Leading Culturally Diverse IT Professionals

(2016 – ongoing) Applied to a diverse range of Industries

Managers of an Australian IT company leading culturally diverse professionals in multicultural teams in the four major cities in Australia. Recurring challenges are different ideas and expectations around management style and accountability, different communication styles negatively impact information sharing, giving feedback and dealing with conflict. Resulting in missed deadlines, quality issues, and miscommunication. Frustration, mistrust and resistance to collaborate ultimately impacts the bottom line. The company also identified that the level of employee satisfaction has declined as result of a changing business environment (from start-up to a corporate) and influx of new staff.


  1. Participants register to scheduled training workshop in various locations (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth).
  2. Participants fill in Training Needs Analysis to identify challenges, experiences and expectations of participants.
  3. Participants complete an on-line cultural mapping exercise to identify cultural preferences for specific work practices.
  4. Face-to-Face one-day training workshops
    – increase cultural know-how (selected cultures)
    – understanding impact of cultural values
    – explore challenges and experiences
    – strategies for cultural behaviour
    – action planning around individual and team work practices
    – developing of tailored management and work practices following our reconciliation process defining dilemmas and integrating cultural gaps
  5. Participants complete Training Feedback Analysis and reports are shared with organisation and contact persons.

The Feedback that has been collated by our contact person is very positive. Comments include that “the ‘Management Practices for Leading Culturally Diverse Professionals’ Workshop outcomes can be immediately applied in daily work situations”, and “Managers actively try to modify practices to better integrate requirements from culturally diverse professionals in a culturally diverse setting”.

We have designed and delivered various ‘Management Practices for Leading Culturally Diverse Professionals’ training projects for a diverse range of industries and tailored to the required national and/or international clients with subsidiaries in different parts of the world.