Culture Resource Centre

Cultural Awareness Presentations: Overseas deployments


Cultural Awareness Training to prepare for overseas deployments
(2010 – ongoing)

We design and facilitate Intercultural Training focused at Cultural Awareness for a variety of departments within ADF (ARMY, NAVY, RAAF) and units such as 39OSP, 92 WG, Intelligence Unit, Australian Defence College, Defence Materials Organisation, HQ2 Division, Headquarters 1st Brigade, SOHQ to name a few. We tailor our design and delivery for each department and unit as they all have their own specific requirements and challenges.

Interventions for

  1. Culture General Training – Developing Cultural Intelligence (cultural awareness, understanding and competence) – designed for Force preparation – 4 hour sessions
  2. Culture Specific Training – Country briefings focus on e.g. MEAO, MENA, SINAI, Minor ops – designed for Force preparation – 2 hour sessions
  3. Cultural Training to understand cultural differences and similarities between US and Australia – designed for US Marines and Australian Forces in Darwin – 4 hour session
  4. Cultural Training for Multiple Perspectives, Critical Thinking and Cultural Competence – designed for Intelligence Analysts – 3 day training workshop.
  5. Research into a wide variety of countries to gather country specific knowledge.


The Cultural Intelligence development within the Australian Defence Force has improved on a variety of levels being cultural awareness, cultural understanding and cultural competence.