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Date and Time

Coming up in 2019:

  • Wednesday 6 March
  • Thursday 23 May
  • Tuesday 6 August 
  • Thursday 31 October

9.00 AM start and 4 PM finish

Course Fees

Workshop per person $ 645.00 (excl. GST).

Includes assessments:
1. Needs Analysis 
2. Cultural Competence Assessment (incl. Personal report).

Course Venue

level 57, MLC Centre
19 – 29 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000

Hit the Ground Running…- Series

Intercultural Negotiated Practices for Global Workplaces

Map – Bridge – Integrate

We facilitate training workshops for individuals and/or small groups who have a need to achieve better results while operating and leading across cultures in a multicultural and globalised world.

We build on existing cultural knowledge to map the cultural differences. We practice communication skills to bridge the differences and develop competence to implement work practices to close the gaps.

Our programs assist participants dealing with for example challenges while leading across cultures, working in multicultural and remote teams and applying intercultural communication.

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Leadership in the 21st century requires a global mindset. Learn the business skills and develop the intercultural competence that you need to lead anyone, anywhere.

Time and Travel constraints?
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Intercultural Negotiated Practices for the Global Workplace

Join your professional peers in our one-day program focusing on developing intercultural skills and culturally appropriate practices for effective intercultural interactions. Success in this context requires being able to understand the impact of culture in workplaces, especially the impact on work practices such as leading, deciding, evaluating, trusting, and communicating, and how we can better manage the cooperation between people from different cultural backgrounds in teams and/or projects in order to effectively communicate, cooperate, and collaborate across cultures.


This one-day course aims too enhance the cultural know-how, recognise attitudes, and understanding different work practices across cultures and with help of developing intercultural communication skills, participants will be able to resolving cultural dilemmas by exploring and developing culturally appropriate work practices, and thus increasing the performance.

Business Drivers

  • Understand the value of CQ for effective work relationship
  • Understand unique cultural differences that impact attitude, values and behaviour
  • Recognise intercultural different work and communication practices
  • Develop communication skills and intercultural competence to enhance effective business interactions
  • Apply strategies for dealing effectively with cultural challenges and develop plans and negotiate practices to deal with the differences.

Program Content

  • Measure and develop your intercultural competence (Personal Profile and Action plan included).
  • Cultural Awareness Fundamentals.
  • Identify and deal with specific situations where conflicts or challenges may occur.
  • Impact of culture on managing people and leadership styles.
  • Mapping: understand the implications of actions through cultural mapping.
  • Bridging: practice Intercultural communication skills.
  • Integrate: develop a reconciliation process to effectively deal with cultural challenges.
    • Practices to enhance communication and collaboration.
    • Action planning to develop the Intercultural Competence for leading across cultures.

One-day, face-to-face training workshop in a professional environment.

Pre-course Information-sourcing
Required pre-work includes completing two on-line tools: the Training Needs Analysis, and the Intercultural Competence self-assessment (upon completion we email your confidential Intercultural Competence Profile). You will receive instructions via email after registration.

We provide all training materials.

Workshop $ 645.00 (excl. GST).
Payment one week prior to the course by credit card, cheque or direct payment to: Culture Resource Centre Pty Ltd. (ABN 47086223672) to CBA Bank BSB 06 2217 and Account 10254418.

Cancellations – we refund (less $45 GST admin fee) for cancellations received by email at least 7 days prior to the course.

Level 57, MLC Centre, 19 -29 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000

What our Participants said:

“I truly do find the knowledge I gained in the program to be very valuable in my daily interactions across Asia Pacific’s myriad of cultures. I very often find myself thinking about the hierarchical cultures and modifying my response or expectations accordingly hasn’t failed me yet” – Asia Pacific Director, HewlettPackard.

“I must say I found the lessons I learned from your course very useful – they helped me to understand the dynamics of the communications, and I believe the outcomes were very positive” Manager, Suncorp

After 15 years of working and dealing with the Japanese the country orientation finally provided me with an understanding of what was going on. I have recommended this program to my Managing Director”. Export Manager, Sara Lee Asia Pacific.

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