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Open Courses Overview 2019

The 2019 Open Courses overview for our Open Courses for professionals and leaders from both the Business/ Corporate sector and the Government/ Non profit sector are available. Check out how our Intercultural Learning and Development Open Courses and Intensive Courses positively impact on people, teams, organisations, and thus the bottom line. This year we offer the following topics: Please contact us directly […]

Humour Still Does Not Travel

Andy Molinsky is interviewed by HBR Executive Director (Oct 2015) about the difficulties—and pleasures—of cross-cultural learning. In this interesting read, Andy also states: “I’ve seen settings where a whole group learns to talk about subtle differences. Picture a Dutch manager working in Chicago. Back home he would never include a joke in a presentation. Now picture him […]

Cultural Competence Versus Cultural Knowledge

Cultural Competence

Recently Asialink launched its Asia Business App. It is a great resource to look up country specific information about a number of countries across Asia (at this stage 4). We applaud initiatives from the Australian government to support the business community with country specific information to assist in doing business in Asia. However, cultural knowledge should not be […]

Aligning National, Corporate and Team Culture for Performance

International Business

Erin Meyer, Professor at INSEAD says in the HBR Article (Oct 2015) ‘When Culture Doesn’t Translate’ that “Corporations with highly innovative product offering and few or no local competitors (Google is used as an example) typically hires employees who can fit into that culture and trains them to work and behave in a globally cultural accepted fashion” and […]